Julie Lyles Carr: Two Decades And A Year

Friday, November 18, 2011

Two Decades And A Year


Fall is birthday time around here for almost a third of the OctaTribe.

Including the oldest of the offspring.

And this year marks her official entry into the grown-up category.


My baby is 21.


(in labor, at the birth center, with 1 of 8)
The details of my pregnancy with her and her birth are still so vivid. My first pregnancy. My first child. Mike and I had been married just over fifteen months when 1 of 8 was born. Sometimes it feels like we all kind of grew up together.


1 of 8 is the first grandchild on both sides and was the first one of to make my brothers and Mike's sister uncles and an aunt. She was the first great grandchild for my grandmother and for one of Mike's grandmothers.


(Can you even believe how much 3 of 8 and my youngest brother look alike?!?)

Little did Mike and I know that 1 of 8's birth would be followed by 7 more. We sort of figured she would be an only child. But she has been so much fun, so engaging, so funny, so pithy...maybe it's because of her that we took the plunge again and again and again...


See what you started, 1 of 8?


See what happens because of your charisma?


We love you, First Baby.

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