Julie Lyles Carr: The Big 2011 Reveal

Friday, December 2, 2011

The Big 2011 Reveal


Yep, the Christmas cards have gone out.

For the most part.

Except for my in-laws. I forgot their new address.

And then I managed to send two cards to the same address that were intended for different families. And so one of my recipients then had to hand deliver that second card to the other family. The hand-off occurred at church. I would like to say it's just my attempt to add that personal touch.

But no.

And then there was the stack of cards that got returned to me through the mail because someone had failed to put stamps on the whole bunch.

Someone = me....

And then there are the ones that were returned because people have moved and the post office won't track them down for me. So I'll have to do my own sleuthing to see if I can find them again. Unless they are trying to avoid me and my compulsive Christmas card ways...

...which could be a possibility.


Gotta give a couple of shot-outs. JT, my running partner/sister neighbor/amazing friend extraordinaire took the family shot for me. We perched her on the catwalk upstairs and laid on the floor of the foyer. And then she had to take a whole bunch of shots while I screamed encouraged everyone to Keep Looking at JT, Keep Looking at JT!

I took the snaps of the girls and the boys. And I think it was 1 of 8 who took the shot of Mike and me.

And remember this gal? The one who is Melody on BibleMan? And who was a child actress? And who makes my Power Points for my speaking engagements and who designs my graphics for women's ministry and for Legacy of Hope Austin? And who prints out my materials for my teachings? That amazing girl?

She designed the card, thank you very much. And then she flew to Paris for a few days.


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