Julie Lyles Carr: Camera Hog

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Camera Hog

We have a long established rule in the OctaHouse.

Mike is the soccer fan.

And I am the photographer.

I've always wielded the camera. It's my medium. And beauty is my muse, the beauty in faces and colors and textures and the unexpected.

But Mike is tromping into my territory. With genius.


He took these images of my dad and mom and grandmother. Each of them bearing the most natural and joyful expressions. Expressions I can't seem to capture, even with all my photobug habits.


I know that the pics aren't in perfect focus. And I know not everyone likes to be photographed in full laugh. But I love, love, love these. Love that Mike anticipated and captured these moments. Love that he's developing a love for one of my big loves, photography.

Unless it means I have to learn to love professional soccer......

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