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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Crunch Time

So I'm curious.

How do you all handle the holidays and extended family and travel and all the rest?

For many years, we didn't have to deal with the travel part.

We lived in the same city as my in-laws and my brother and his wife and Mike's sister and her husband. My other brother and his wife usually traveled to us at some point over the holidays and sometimes my folks would come in as well. But our nomadic lifestyle over the past few years has changed what used to be our stay-at-home tradition some. We often find ourselves on the road for at least part of the holidays. My parents have now moved to the city where Mike and I used to live, so the bulk of the extended family is all there.  So hitting the road to see all the Oklahoma crew usually means we get to see much of the family on both sides.

It's wonderful.  And a challenge.  We have commitments and parties and events that we would love to be a part of here.  And we have family we adore and want to see there.

And then there's the whole part about me having to be ready for Christmas long, long before the calendar marks the actual day.  Because there are multiple Christmases to prepare for when we have an Oklahoma celebration as well.

So what about you?  Do you hit the road?  Stay home?  Have everyone come to you?  Alternate years?  And how do you make sure to mark the season with traditions and memories for your immediate family while embracing the larger canvas of extended family?  Do tell, do tell.

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