Julie Lyles Carr: Faces of Noel

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Faces of Noel

mini me

The camera snaps a lot throughout the holidays. I'm always trying to catch the action, documenting the presents and decor and general chaos.

2of8 profile bw

But I also want to capture faces, the expressions of the day, the smiles. Time in a bottle...or memory card.

mike and 6 bw

There's something about taking the pictures to black and white that lets me focus a bit more on the people, with the colorful splash of the holiday taking a backseat.

4 of 8 bw

That's Justin Bieber body spray she's got there. Talk about a hard-to-find item for Santa....

j and j hats

Of all their gifts, 3 and 5 seem to cherish these hats the most.


The twins spent most of the day curled up with their new InnoTabs. (Shhhhh....they think they're iPads.....)

For a holiday that is merry and bright and red and green, black and white sometimes captures the day.

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