Julie Lyles Carr: Gift of the Magi...Kinda

Monday, December 26, 2011

Gift of the Magi...Kinda

Maybe it's because we're so in sync.

Or maybe it's because a few key friends and family gave suggestion and guidance.

But one of the more hilarious events of yesterday occurred when Mike and I opened our gifts from each other.

And discovered that we had each given the other a Kindle Fire.

Double Fires.

I'm a die-hard book lover. Eat 'em up, mark 'em up, share 'em, hoard 'em. I had taken JT's earlier version of Kindle to France that she generously shared with me and liked the convenience. But I wasn't sure if a paper version girl like me could convert.

Mike reads all nature of financial and political periodicals and magazines. Oh, and soccer analysis. I'm not exactly sure what kind of analysis is necessary when it comes to soccer. One team gets the ball in the goal more than the other team over a 90 minute period. Done. That's all the analysis that seems pertinent. But apparently I miss the more subtle aspects of the game. And so analysis is read and discussed, a lot of it from online sources.

When I realized that the Kindle Fire had a web browser capability, I thought it would be a good fit for Mike so that he wouldn't have to lug out and log on to his computer to check out Arsenal's dismal season. It also seemed a much handier way for Mike to stay on top of all the financial reading he does for his work and consulting. Throw in business trips and such and it seemed to be a great alternative.

On Mike's part, he thought the web browser feature would be great for me, with the blogging and writing. I also use a lot of research in my speaking and being able to download some of my favorite but heavy and huge tomes to a digital format would certainly give my shoulders a break from carrying around heavy books in my bag.

It seems that we each consulted with the same panel of friends and family, who all encouraged each of us to go ahead with our purchases.

And so the Kindle trap was set.

And sprung yesterday morning, much to the giggles of those present.

It seems very romantic somehow, except that Mike didn't have to sell off his grandfather's watch and I didn't chop off my hair. Though I do need a trim.

Love in the tech age. Who says we don't know much about romance?

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