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Thursday, December 15, 2011

That Dress

Starting right after Thanksgiving, I start watching Christmas movies. Constantly. Repeatedly.

And waaaayyyyyy near the top of my list is White Christmas. It is the favorite movie of one of my best friends, one I've watched with her a number of times. So there's all that attachment and memory of my precious DiDi that goes along with the movie.

rosemary clooneyAnd then there's Bing Crosby. And I don't think that takes a lot of explanation. It's Bing, people. My parents had the White Christmas LP when I was a kid. No one had to tell me I was listening to one of the silkiest, smoothest, smokiest voices on the planet. Not this girl. I heard him. I believed.

White Christmas and Bing. Ah.

But then there's another factor when it comes to White Christmas, a little addendum to my adored movie-watching friend and my slight Bing obsession.

It's the dress. That one over there. The one that the fabulous Rosemary Clooney wears after she leaves Pine Tree, Vermont, and absconds back to New York after an encounter that leaves her believing that Bing has no feelings for her. She heads back to the big city and performs the number "Love, You Didn't Do Right By Me" wearing That Dress.

(photo credit boards.weddingbee.com)

Oh, That Dress.

I so wish I could have found an image of the back of the dress as well. It's all just fabulous, fabulous, fabulous. And Rosemary is magnificent, curvy and tall, no wispy little rail of a girl, but a woman. Packing some serious WHOA!


Love that dress. Love that movie. Love me some Bing.

Now go watch.

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