Julie Lyles Carr: Lessons Learned

Monday, January 2, 2012

Lessons Learned

I like to do a little debrief on the holidays, looking back at the weeks from Thanksgiving through the New Year. Each year I try to hone my process as the Chief Holiday Meal/Gift/Travel Planner. And after I get over the sense of being utterly and totally overwhelmed that I somehow have to pull it all off again in 11 months, I think about the season's highlights.

1. Anything Angry Birds Paraphernalia is a big, big hit.
Great tip. Which will probably change by next Christmas. But still. My sister-in-law and brother-in-law nailed it this year when they contributed to the Angry Birds' creators 401Ks and gave Angry Birds items as gifts.


2. Every Christmas event we attend should include 1 of 8 doing a little dance.
She's very festive.




3. 2 of 8 gets punchy the more family Christmas events we attend.
Very punchy.


4. So does 8 of 8.


5. 3 of 8 makes this face when he wears a tie.
And he likes to wear ties. So he must think this face goes with the look. Somehow.


6. I have the most adorable father-in-law.


7. These two are trouble. Trouble. And if you sit by them during family events, be prepared for all kinds of ridiculous and obscure and genius humor and observation.

And don't have anything to drink in your mouth while you are sitting by these two. Because they will make you laugh. And you'll have Diet Dr. Pepper coming out your nose. And that's not considered very festive.


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