Julie Lyles Carr: Packin'

Monday, January 9, 2012


As the fifth daughter closing in on her fifth birthday, 7 of 8 takes her accessorizing seriously.

7 of 8 has been into my purses all day.

This is what happens when I try to clean out cabinets in one room~~the closets or cabinets in another room are being systematically pillaged while my back is turned.

Hence 7 of 8 claiming several of my purses as her own while I try to pound through bathroom cabinets. My back is turned. There are purses to lay claim to.

She found a particular sparkly black one that suited her fancy. I told her she could carry it for the afternoon once I established there wasn't anything in it. She hightailed it upstairs to get her best purse 'items', rummaged around in the bathroom for some more purse 'stuff' and then requested four 'monies' for her purse. And then she was ready, all prepared to head out into the wide world with her sparkly black purse.

"Mom," she said. "Mom! Do you want to see what's in my purse? Mom?!? I have stuff I need in my purse!"

By this point I had abandoned all hope of organizing the bathroom and was in my office, churning through emails.

"Here we go," she chirped, perching on the office floor. And out of her purse came a shiny lip gloss. Two pennies. One dime. A nickel. Some small scraps of paper, her 'lists'. A mirror. A barrette. A toy cell phone.

And then...

A tampon. And sanitary napkin.

Alrighty then. Glad she's packin'....

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