Julie Lyles Carr: Taking Dominion Over My Bling

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Taking Dominion Over My Bling

I have a bling problem.

As in, if it glitters, shines, sparkles, glimmers or jingles, I want to wear it.

I'm not big on blingy clothes, per se. I have a couple of things in my closet that have some glitz to them, but for the most part I like solids and tailored lines and a bunch of neutrals.

Except when it comes to blingy accessories. And then I am a shameless Texan. Which I never thought I would type. And I know I have just caused some pain to my beloved Oklahomans, the state in which a big piece of my heart still remains.

And yet...

I have bling issues. Those of you who know me know it. I know it. And I can say it.

If one bracelet is good, two are better and six are best. And if those bracelets jingle and jangle and clang, all the better.

And yes, I often wear earrings when I run. For reasons I can't really explain.

And necklaces....oh, necklaces.  I am an equal opportunity necklace wearer.  All necklaces, all the time.

In my defense, my loved ones who know of my bling love have expanded my collection incredibly and generously.  I love it.  And it has created a unique situation.

My love of bling has led to a storage crisis. Door knobs have been serving dual duty...

bling 1

The inside of the armoire where I keep a stash of birthday party supplies also has a few of these little things hanging around...


And yes, my organizational issues have included making this little bling holder from plastic hooks and, wait for it,....a chop stick....


I was draping bling over knobs on dressers and tops of chairs and puddled in drawers. And my bling was becoming decidedly unruly...and hard to find.

So I decided it was time to take dominion over my bling. I had used one of those accordion peg things from back in the day~~you know, closet organization old school? The kind you would hang belts on and pinch your hand incredibly when trying to install it? And it never really hung flush to the wall? And you could only store about 10 pieces of bling on it?

I ditched it for a 21st century upgrade....

bling 6

Ooohhhhhh. Aaaahhhhhh.

I know. Streamlined. Multiple storage prongs. Sturdy.

My bling has been reunited. And contained.

bling 3

Look how nice it looks, all collected and untangled...

bling 6

Now, I'm sure there are those of you who are thinking, "Well, duh. I've been using that bling thing-a-ma-bobber for a long time." Be kind, Dear Organized Reader. Remember, you are seeing the efforts of someone who used plastic hooks and a chop stick for several years as a means of hanging her bling. I'm delving slowly into the world of using things for their intended purpose.

Oh, and then there's this. I hate plastic screw anchors. And they hate me, so it's okay. It's mutual. I mangled several in my attempt to hang up my bling organizer like a grown-up and not just rely on the whimsical integrity of my usual 'screw in dry wall' applications.

bling 7


bling 8

Here's an article on how you're apparently supposed to sink plastic anchor screws...I might give this a try next time....

My next bling project is to get all my bangle bracelets into some kind of cogent arrangement below the necklaces. And after I recover from that, I might even move onto the earring category, which involves some rather chandelier-like items...

But step one has been accomplished.

I have secured dominion over my neck bling.

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