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Monday, January 16, 2012


What's that spell?!??!


Yep. It's the new black at my house. All the rage. All the fashion.

We're running at 50% in the OctaKid puking population. Regulation requires that we elevate ourselves to a Code Queasy Green when we hit this kind of statistical involvement.


I need your feedback.

I made a crazy discovery a couple of years ago. One of Mike's cousins was talking about her love of travel. I told her that I love to travel but that my motion-sickness button has tripped to hyper-sensitive. She told me about her attendant great love of Travel Gum, which is a product sold in Europe. I ordered said product. It worked.

It. Worked.

Even on the Metro in Paris. It.Worked.

But here's the thing....when I studied the pharmacological ingredients, it said 'diphenhydramine'. Which reminded me of Benadryl.

So I did some sleuthing. And as it turns out (and I'm not claiming to be a doctor here and I'm not dispensing medical advice and I encourage you to do your own investigation and APR is subject to change....) that 'diphenhydramine'/Benadryl is used to control nausea in some circles.



You can read a few more 'home remedies' here.

So tell me your favorite home cures for the tummy bug. Because, believe me, from the looks of things, I may have ample opportunity to try several of them. I seem to be running my own puking control group here....

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