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Wednesday, February 1, 2012


r and j

It started with this simple picture of 3 of 8 and his best buddy, RG.

3 of 8 and RG have been dear friends for many years now, even though most of that friendship has been spent several hundred miles apart. Their friendship began when we all lived in the Sooner State. But then we moved. And moved again.

Ironically, RG has grandparents in our city and all of 3 of 8's grandparents are in RG's city. So they do have opportunity to see each other and we've been so blessed to have RG come stay with us from time to time.

I snapped the above picture when RG was with us over the New Year this year. And I thought I would dig back through some picture CDs and find some shots of 3 of 8 and RG when they were younger.

I know those pictures exist somewhere.

I just can't seem to find them at the moment.

But I did find all kinds of pictures that made me all nostalgic and misty-eyed.


That's 6 of 8 on the left and 2 of 8 on the right, back when they were 6 of 6 and 2 of 6. We were living on the coast and we had friends who had this amazing ranch, complete with all kinds of amazing animals. Going out to their place was like going to a beautiful zoo.


That's 5 of 8 up there, back when he was 5 of 6. I might need to go take a nitroglycerin pill....this picture makes my heart hurt a little. He was and still is the cutest guy. But his four-year-old version of himself was all kinds of study in adorable.


You need a little more convincing? Well, here you go.....

5 of 8

I tried to warn you. And you must view these pictures of 5 of 8 with the knowledge that he spoke, at this time, with a raspy little Elmer Fudd kind of voice. Which just pitched the cuteness factor even more over the top.

And I'm completely objective, of course.


This was a pretty typical homeschool day back then. We'd go to the beach and do math. Really. We really would.

1 of 8 now hates the beach. I learned that Algebra and the beach don't mix. Or, at least, one will always associate algebraic equations with the beach should they be combined.

So I didn't find the pictures I was looking for of 3 of 8 and RG. But I'll keep looking. And it may lead to more sicky sweet posts about random pictures that bring back so many memories.....

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