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Monday, February 13, 2012

Home Office

home office


This is the scene outside my office. I had some phone calls to make. And the twins said they would be nice and quiet. And they were.

They quietly sent most of their stuffed animal and dirty laundry collection over the balcony onto the entry floor.

I've almost always had some kind of job that I've done throughout my kids' time at home. I've put stickers on medical folders, done voice-over work for advertising, sold educational books, run a professional photography business, done video production, done writing and research and speaking. I love being home with my kids, love homeschooling them, love running our crazy household.

And I love to work. I love working for the non-profit, Legacy of Hope Austin.

And I love working in women's ministry. And I love the time I spend up at our church offices, soaking in the adult conversation and the relative lack of chaos and the ability to get a lot done.

And I love coming home and navigating through Barbies and figurines to dig into a project. I'm productive in my home office, in a more fractured way.

But somehow, stuff still gets done.

Except for my kitchen floors. And baseboards. That kind of stuff doesn't ever seem to get done.

I've been reading up on and researching how other folks navigate working from home, how they structure their days, how they try to designate a line between home life and work life. I have some ideas. And I still have a lot to learn.

So let's hear it...do you work from home? How do you make it work? Or would you like to work at home and are trying to figure out venues for doing that? Or are you quite happy to keep your office life off site? Ask and discuss!

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