Julie Lyles Carr: I'm Doing Your Laundry

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I'm Doing Your Laundry


Well, kind of.

I do have a little laundry freebie for you. How's that? Not the same as a basket of folded whites and lights and darks, but it's something, right?

I redid my laundry room a few months ago, building IKEA cabinets around my washer and dryer, repainting and rearranging. And I even decorated a bit.

I had seen a cute painted wall hanging in a local store that had 'Laundry' painted across it. It was really tempting to stick it in my cart.

But I'm cheap.

Real cheap.

And I wondered if I might be able to somehow achieve the same kind of artwork...but for free.


I had an old print in a gold frame stored out in the garage. I borrowed some flat black paint from JT (she is incredibly handy to have right down the street for many reasons, not the least of which is her collection of spray paint...), sprayed the frame black, flipped the print over to its plain brown cardboard back and then created three Word documents with the word 'laundry' and its definition. I then printed the sheets on regular printer paper and proceeded to tear the extra paper away from the 'L', the rest of the word ('aundry') and its definitions.

Spray, tape, print, tear. Art.


There was actually a piece of glass that was supposed to enclose the whole thing inside the frame. Which I managed to break.

Yea me.

But still~~free art work. Hello.

And now you can make one too, if you like! You'll find the print-outs I made below. Just download, print, tear, tape and ta-da.

And you can break your picture frame glass too, if it helps you feel like you've had the whole experience....

Laundry 1

Laundry 2

Laundry 3

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