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Thursday, February 2, 2012

There's One!


I was able to locate a couple more pictures of 3 of 8 and his best bud RG.

Yes, while my kitchen was piled with dishes and clothes were moldering in the washing machine, I was digging through photo CDs.

But I can't be the only out there with this issue. I need you to enlighten me.

When I started my mothering journey 22 years ago, it was all 35mm film. Well, 35mm was still fairly high end, actually. I also have some pictures from 110 film and also some Polaroids. I had a system down. I had archival, acid free boxes. I had a system for storing negatives. I scrapbooked like a fiend.

And then digital came along. And my digital picture collection and my chemical film photo collection have never quite figured out how to coexist in an organized fashion. I've not printed up a lot of my digital photos. I've got a lot of them on CDs and my hard drive and my external drive and my other external drive and various flash drives. And I upload virtually everything to Flickr.

But it's not like going to the closet where I have all my photo boxes and negatives and cute albums.

And the collection of the digital and the chemical photography stuff is extensive. Big time.

So how have you created unity in your photo storage systems? How do you make your printed pics and your virtual ones have some kind of cohesion?

And do you think it's some weird, latent, usually unexpressed perfectionist in me that wants to completely redo some of my scrapbooks from the 90's so that they'll look more current? Discuss.

(And then there's this~~Immerse Austin is tomorrow night and I would love your prayers as we lead up to this event. It's been a thrill ride. Pray that women are encouraged, heartened, challenged and immersed in purpose and joy...)

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