Julie Lyles Carr: ...But Not Least...

Thursday, March 22, 2012

...But Not Least...


It has come to 6 of 8's attention that I haven't posted many pictures of her this dance season.

She stalks my blog. I kid you not. I think she may have some kind of tally sheet secreted upstairs where she keeps track of how many posts I do per kid. And she knows that my 6 of 8 post quotient has not included specific dance pictures of her.

You may have already noticed. But there are a lot of dance pictures on this blog. A lot.

6 of 8 is concerned that you need to see more.

Of her.

In the top photo, she's on the bottom right and in this next one, she's to the left. You can tell which one she is because of that very interesting Church Lady smirk on her face.

It's her interpretation of the stage direction to look 'sassy'.


At a competition a few weeks ago, 6 of 8's party hat started sliding down her head. And stopped when it was covering one of her eyes.

She looked like a one-eyed unicorn. In electric blue ruffles.

You know, your typical mythological character look. Of the one-eyed unicorn blue ruffled look.

She didn't make a move to adjust the hat. Her dance instructors always drill into the kids that you just keep going, you just keep going, you just keep going.

So she just kept going, one-eyed look and all.

I got tickled. And I got the giggles. And then I started laughing. And then I couldn't stop.

It was one of those laugh attacks where you're starting to draw attention to yourself sitting in the audience. And your mascara starts to run down your face and pool under your chin like a ring of dirty water in the bathtub.

The dance finally finished and 2 of 8 and I made our way back the dressing room to help 6 of 8 change into her next costume. I just couldn't stop laughing until 2 of 8 said, "Okay, Mom, yes, it was hilarious, but 6 of 8 may feel really self-conscious about what happened...."

Oh. Yeah. Other's people feelings. Must.Trump.My.Giggles.

We got backstage, me feeling appropriately chastised and ready to see 6 of 8, hoping she wasn't upset, hoping she didn't think she had messed up the dance or anything. We had to wait a couple of minutes.

And then I heard her. Busting through the door with all the other chatty, squealy little dancers. She bounced into the dressing room, threw her arms in the air and declared, "Did you SEE me?!?! Did you!?!??! ONE-EYED UNICORN!!!"


Mother/Daughter Unicorn Poets. With no shame.

I'm still waiting for those pictures to come in. And when they do, I'll be sure to post them. Because, after all, have you seen the number of dance pictures on this blog?


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