Julie Lyles Carr: A Camera In Her Hands

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Camera In Her Hands

photo (14)

4 of 8 has been trying to figure out what her 'thing' is, the pursuit that makes her heart sing.

She does sing. Beautifully. All the more mysterious and magical, given her hearing loss. And she knows that she would love to have voice lessons and maybe some piano.

But there's something else I've been noticing about 4 of 8. She's always been visual. Very visual.

And with an iTouch, with its little camera,  in her hands, she's starting to show me some gorgeous ways in which she sees the world.

photo (16)

She took Miss LP and 6 of 8 on a walk today, snapping shots the whole way.

photo (17)

There's just something about the way 4 of 8 already thinks to frame the image, the way she tilts the perspective.

She's got an eye.

photo (18)

Maybe she's finding her 'thing'. Maybe it's what's been there all along. She uses her eyes to make up some for her ears. She notices. She sees.

She perceives.

photo (20)

It may be time to get a 'real' camera in her hands.

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