Julie Lyles Carr: Cow Town

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Cow Town


I hadn't spent much time in downtown Fort Worth in many a year. Or two. Or decade.

Until this past weekend.

I mean, I've been in Fort Worth a lot. Just not in the downtown area.

When I was in college, a long time ago, we came to Fort Worth on the weekends pretty frequently. The stockyard area was getting a little rough. Downtown pretty much shut down at night. Not much to see.

So I was delighted this past weekend, when we were in town for dance, to see what all the city has done.

Downtown Fort Worth equals awesome. Awesome shopping, condos, restaurants, Montgomery Plaza. Awesome.

The dance competition was held at the Will Rogers Memorial Center in the cultural district in the west portion of downtown. The facility itself has been around since 1936 and it is a wonderful, charming homage to the art deco and works projects blend of architecture and style. I had to snap some shots.

pediment will rogers

The detail on the buildings was so gorgeous, so indicative of the era.

And yes, I'm the girl who went to Paris last summer and came home with a camera memory card full of door knobs and window panes of buildings across France. I can't seem to help myself.


You can really see the Frank Lloyd Wright influence in many of the details. My beloved Tulsa, Oklahoma, has one of the nation's biggest collections of buildings showing this kind of design. It made me smile to see the expression of it in this facility. And I'm not even going to quibble much that Will Rogers is Oklahoma's native son. Not Texas's.

will rogers

That's all the quibble I'm going to make. That's it. That's all.


I loved the mosaics that top both the arena and auditorium buildings.


And the tan facade of the building seemed the perfect complement to blue, blue, blue Fort Worth skies.


Even the entrance gates and fences showed their era's aesthetic.


In all, a great place for a great dance event...

In the great downtown of Fort Worth.

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