Julie Lyles Carr: Finding Her Way

Friday, March 23, 2012

Finding Her Way


I'm going to be speaking in a break-out session at the upcoming Brave conference. Did I mention Angela Thomas is the keynote? Yep.

brave confI'm a little excited. As in, a lot.

Part of what I'm going to be speaking on is how to help guide our kids to walk in their spiritual giftings. Helping our kids find their bliss. Helping our kids find their purpose. It's a topic I'm passionate about, being the mom of eight kids that I want to launch out into the world prepared and ready. And with several of the kids, their interests and talents have helped me discover the underlying spiritual gifts present in each one of them.

And then there's this kid. My 4 of 8.


Her spiritual gifts are easily apparent. She is phenomenally compassionate. She has an amazing gift of mercy. She is wise in her counsel. She is patient.

And can she hear things on a spiritual level. Whew. Kid's got bat ears when it comes to spiritual matters, even though her physical earth ears are wonky.


But she's also been my child who has struggled finding her 'thing', the activity, the hobby, the pastime, the passion that is an outlet for her gifts. We've tried dance for several years, but her ankle surgery makes it tough. We've tried soccer. Ah, not so much. We've painted and sketched and baked. Meh, meh, and meh.


She's the kid, as I'm preparing for the Brave conference, who's making me feel a bit like a poser. 'Cuz what do I know about guiding purpose and destiny when I can't figure this amazing kid's simple need for an extracurricular activity?


But the beauty of the dilemma is that it's held me more accountable in prayer, seeking for how I can best mother her in this season. She and I have been through a lot together, years of Auditory Verbal Therapy, audiological visits, hearing aid fittings, homeschooling, learning phonics (you just haven't lived 'til you've taught phonics to a hearing impaired child...). And there are still beautiful mysteries to her, things I'm seeing anew.


She has started playing with photography. I put up some of her work last week.

And now she's starting to get in front of the camera too.


When did this young woman show up at my house? Last time I checked, she was a ten year old needing braces.

Guess we're long past that now.

So here we are. Spiritual gifts. Compassion. Seeing into people's hearts. And seeing well through a camera lens. And lighting up the other side of the camera as well....


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