Julie Lyles Carr: Movin' In

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Movin' In


It's funny, the things that make you feel like you've put down roots.

We lived in this house for over four years, leasing it, until we bought it last fall.

That first coat of paint I rolled on in the guest bathroom? That was a big moment for me. A moment that marked I had a mortgage associated with this home.

And now today.

It's feels like we've moved in a little bit more.

In several of our other homes, we had playsets in the backyards, little miniature worlds of playing and sliding and swinging and theatrical production. My older kids have such great memories of those times, particularly of one backyard with a ginormous playset back in Oklahoma.

When we moved to the island, our backyard was the canal. Which was awesome. And the dock provided many hours of play and discovery. But it wasn't a fort. It wasn't a playground kind of a thing.

Once we moved into 'town' off the island, we were blessed with a huge backyard. Filled with space. All kinds of space. And no playset.

And then we moved to this wonderful, weird city. And leased this house. And had a nice backyard. Filled with space. All kinds of space. And no playset.

But today...

Mike has been researching and googling and chatting up playsets across town. My running partner, JT, sent me pictures of one from Sam's. I stalked another set at Costco.  We made phone calls to my handy brother in Oklahoma.

We finally made our decision. And today was installation day.

The youngest kids have never really known a yard with them in mind. A place to play, a place to burn off some energy, a place to pretend. They sat staring out the window most of the morning, watching the crew begin building and leveling and assembling...

playset 2

And when the deed was done, the offspring rejoiced...


It's a sweet thing, seeing these younger kids have a sense of place and home.


...and a place to burn off some of their legendary energy...


We're also excited to see what kind of strength and flexibility this play extravaganza will bring to 7 of 8's progress on her arm (7 of 8 experienced a stroke at birth and has left-side hemiplegia)...


But mostly, I'm excited for the memories that will be made. My older kids were talking today about how they would endlessly play 'Little House on the Prairie' on their old playscape, hours spent reanimating stories of travels and blizzards and animals and covered wagons and family.


Feels like we're finally moving in.

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