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Monday, March 19, 2012

Online Homeschool Resource

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I really haven't fallen off the place of the planet.

I've just been driving all over the planet, or at least this state, wrapping up 2 of 8's out-of-town dance convention and competition season. We'll be local for the next couple of events. It's so odd to think that 2 of 8 and I are done traipsing across the region for her performances with her present dance company.


How did that go so fast?

But I ramble.

I'm scrambling to stay on top of schooling and work and house and kids. One thing that definitely happens when we're this busy is that things like rulers and certain school books and resources begin to disappear.


How that happens.

Right now, both of my EZ Graders are missing. You know, the little cardboard thing-a-ma-giggies that give you the ability to instantly figure out what grade your kid got (or didn't get....) on their math assignment.

Scoured the house, dumped the school bags and tubs. No EZ Grader. And yes, I do know I could figure out the kids' grade percentages with a calculator.

But that would entail finding a calculator....

So I found this great online resource called Gradebook Buddy. It's the cyber version of EZ Grader. Except it doesn't get lost. You can use it too by going to this link....

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