Julie Lyles Carr: SisterHood

Wednesday, March 21, 2012



We kicked off a new women's ministry component last night.

A very fun one.



We're calling it SisterHood...you know, to meet the sisters in faith in your 'hood', your area of town. We have a large church family spread across our sprawling metro area. We love to host big events for our girlfriends, special luncheons, weekly studies and periodic large group evening functions. It's always great to get together, learn, study and worship.


But it'a also such an important thing to know who lives around you, who is a few blocks away. Hence SisterHood.

We pulled out the map and divided up our metro area into eight zones and then asked a woman from each zone to host a SisterHood event in her home. Denise and I had grand plans to drive from location to location last night, determined to make at least six of the eight.


We were valiant. We really tried. But there was lots of good food at each home. And we got a little lost. And then a lot. And then we needed to get gas. And then we chatted a little long.

So we made four of the houses.

We'll try to get to the rest next time.


It was such a delight to see who all lives close and didn't know it, who made a new friend, who found a mentor. The sisters in the same hood.


You'll find below the devotional all the locations used along with discussion questions.

Sisterhood Devotional March

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