Julie Lyles Carr: Winning

Monday, April 23, 2012


8 of 8 and CM
(8 of 8 with his current romantic obsession, CM...)

1 of 8 was standing in the kitchen the other morning, chatting with her youngest brother.

8 of 8.

Our resident 'hilarious by accident' person. A ridiculously funny kid. Even when he's not trying.

1 of 8 prepared to take out her retainer before sipping her tea. 8 of 8 watched in wonder as she removed the clear guards from her mouth.

"What is that?" he asked.

"These are my retainers," she replied.

"What are they for?" he questioned, amazed that she was keeping such oral secrets.

"Well, after I had braces, I got these so my teeth will stay straight and I wear them at night while I sleep," she said.

Says he....

"So you'll have a winning smile?"

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