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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Other Twins

1 and 7 edit twin bday edges

Very few people pick up on the fact that 7 and 8 of 8 are twins.

She has green eyes, he has blue. She's a dark brunette. He started out bald, then blond, the light brown. She is soft and squishy. He is wiry and long.

And I won't even begin to type up the paragraphs that detail the differences in their personalities.

You'd be reading for a while.

But no one ever seems to have a difficult time believing 1 of 8 and 7 of 8 are sisters.

1 and 7 twins bday party edit 3


Seems believable to folks, for some reason.

I took advantage of the twins' family birthday party to snap some shots of 7 of 8 and her 'other twin'. And since I'm still obsessed and thankful and so so so glad for PicMonkey's appearance on the online photo editing scene, I thought I'd play with the shot a little and show you some recipes.

There is a fun effect on PicMonkey called Cross Process that beautifully wrecks your carefully color calibrated photos. I took this one through the 'green filter' for my green-eyed girls...

1 and 7 green cross process

I was recently at an art show in Southlake, Texas. One of the featured artists there used his photography and several editing techniques to transform his pictures into fascinating art pieces printed to canvas. I'm going to circle back to some of the photo work I did in Paris last summer and play with the HDR filters and softening techniques. I made some edits to 1 and 7 of 8's picture and think the way the HDR filter plays up some details is really interesting...

1 and 7 bday edit hdr w soften

And, of course, I always have a soft spot for letterbox borders and cinerama effects...

1 and 7 bday cinerama

Another fun effect to play with is 'Daguerrotype' with several options and variations...

1 and 7 bday daguerrotype

Wonder if the other kids would resent it if I printed all these options out in glossy 8x10s and framed 'em up all over one wall.....

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