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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

This Guy

3 of 8 ninja singed filter strata layer

This guy.

My oldest man child.

Quickly heading toward his sixteen birthday this fall.

He's excited about it...

3 of 8 the look

Oh, yeah.


And he's looking into some options for next school year. He's been the oldest male student at the Octamom Homeschool Academy, home of the Mighty Fighting Ocelots...

But he's thinking he might want to try something new. And so he's doing some research and looking into attending our local public high school in the fall. Somehow, his brief career at Rainbow Preschool just doesn't cut it for him when he thinks about what a more typical classroom experience would be.

Because we homeschool, we get the 'socialization' question. A lot. A.Lot.

I understand. I do. I know it can be hard for folks who haven't homeschooled to see all the options our kids have had for friendship and social outlet.

Because several of the other kids dance many, many hours a week, their primary social groups are through the dance studio experience. And for the kids who haven't been into dance, those connections have come through soccer, youth group and neighborhood friendships.

But 3 of 8 is thinking he might want to spread his wings a little further. Thinking. We haven't made the decision yet.

And it's part of the homeschool experience that is important, to always be evaluating what each child needs, what each child thinks, what each child may need to adjust.

I know some families who have homeschooled in the past who have placed their kids in private or public school after a while. Sometimes those parents tell me that they struggle with feeling like they 'failed' at the homeschool experience. But to me, at the end of the day, what all of it has always been about is doing right by these kids when it comes to their education. One-size-fits-all is simply not a truism. What works for one family doesn't work for another. You don't 'fail' at the homeschool experience, or the private school experience, or the public school experience.

You simply listen.

And make adaptations and choices.

So we're listening. He's listening.

We'll see where we land over the next few weeks.

But I do know this. I sure have enjoyed having him school at home with me. 'Cuz I like this guy.


(props to 4 of 8...she took all these awesome shots.  Baby Girl's got camera skills...)

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