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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Week in Review...


Actually, more like a day in review. But what a day. Amazing day. That felt like a week.

Does that count?

This past Saturday was 2 of 8's final dance recital as a student. We've been with this particular dance school for 5 years and 2 of 8 has danced for 16. When I think back through all the instructors and intensives and private lessons, I'm so overwhelmed by the people who have sown into 2 of 8's life and have coaxed her gift into bloom.


I had a speaking engagement that morning (Hi San Marcos Gals!!!! A big kiss and hug from me! Hi Tabitha!!!) which was a fantastic time. Then I booked it back to my city to get to the two shows for recital and then we headed over for a Post-Recital Shindig we threw for 2 of 8 and her best dance buddy and fellow senior, KZ. It was a night of fun and tears and a beautiful marker to show transition into the next seasons of 2 of 8 and KZ's lives and futures.


Did I mention there were lots of tears?

Just checking.


My intense level of organization and drive culminated in one blaze of Post Recital Party Glory~~and now I've been trying to dig out my house and schedule and floors and laundry for the last four days.


Even my amazing running partner/sister neighbor JT, who has seen my house in all kind of manner of hot mess, was particularly impressed with how fast the OctaHouse went from immaculate for the in-laws coming into a technicolor disaster of costumes and left over bags of chips and party table cloths and table center pieces piled just inside my front door.


So with all that craziness going on, I did the only logical thing...

On Monday, I decided to switch three of the kids' rooms. And then I decided to paint.

That's what you would do, right?


While the costumes and left over chips and table cloths laid quietly in the entry, I successfully ignored my blog, my laundry and my kitchen and tore apart another 30% of the house.

Good times.


That's how I roll.


So I kind of feel like I've been reliving all of Saturday's events just by walking in my front door. 'Cuz all that party stuff is sitting there to greet me as I come in the house with more buckets of paint.


I could probably have my own HGTV show on of these days...'Decorating the in Midst of a Hot Mess'.


I've just now started on the Post-Party Put Away. And I'm going through my pictures. And realizing how many shots I didn't get of things I wanted to. But for now, I'll just get these up on ye ol' blog and reflect on my photographic failures another day.

Because the thing is, it was a sweet, tearful, wonderful day.


And I still need to finish up some painting.....

...and clean up some costumes and table cloths....







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