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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Bearded Babies...


In the midst of 1 of 8's crazy school and work schedule for summer, she's trying to take a little break here and there.

This week's adventure was a trip to the roller skating rink with several of her French friends from the university.

They strapped on old time roller skates and disco danced their way through the afternoon, chattering in French all the while.

And 1 of 8 had fifty cents with her that was burning a hole in her pocket. So she made a little purchase at one of the roller rink vending machines.

What a purchase.

A beard. Yes, a beard. With adhesive on one side. And scruff on the other.

That was fifty cents well spent. Because when she brought that beard home to us, it made for an entire evening of entertainment.


May I suggest...


...that if you are trying to limit time around the television this summer...


...you might consider investing fifty cents...


...in this all-inclusive....


...entertainment system.

Just a little idea for some Quality Family Time...

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