Julie Lyles Carr: Heavy

Monday, June 11, 2012


My heart is heavy today.

Yesterday, a precious friend from Oklahoma entered eternity suddenly. Shockingly. Stunningly.

My in-laws' church community is reeling. So am I.

It had been a handful of years since I had seen my friend. We had been the closest when our oldest children were little, attending the same preschool. Back in those days, we shared coffee and laughs and Saturdays when our husbands were both working long, long hours.

In recent years, we've kept up with each other through friends and family, occasionally crossing paths when I would be back in town.

And although my heart is full and heavy, there just don't seem to be appropriate words to speak or to type. Platitudes and embroidered sayings are just too trite.

So just say a little prayer, would you? For a precious woman, for her family, for a devoted husband who has lost his wife and for three boys who have lost their mom.

Just pray.

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