Julie Lyles Carr: Livin' on Cousin Time

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Livin' on Cousin Time

C and M  summer 2012

We made a quick trip up to Okie Land this past week, shuttling some of the kids to our annual MiMi and PaPa camp and checking up on my mom, who has recently had shoulder surgery.

I kept the twins with me. Because MiMi and PaPa are brave, loving souls. But I thought that it might be a bit much to try to host two five year olds at the yearly camp bash. In addition to five of my other kiddos. And a couple of my nieces and one of my nephews.


A bit much.

Plus, the twins are thoroughly convinced that, while most of their siblings were at MiMi and PaPa Camp, they got to go to BB and GJ Camp. And while MiMi and PaPa Camp involves the lake and boating and skiing, BB and GJ Camp involves lots of eating out and a trip to zoo and some toy purchases. Which means that BB and GJ Camp rocks.

And we got to have a little cousin time.

cousin time four cousins

These quick trips of Okie Land leave me hanging. I don't get to see everyone I love. I don't get to have long lunches with longtime buddies.

cousins k and m

But anytime we get to have a little cousin time, it's been a good trip....

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