Julie Lyles Carr: Park Day

Friday, July 20, 2012

Park Day


Yes, it's hot and sticky here. But we're still trying to get outside on purpose on occasion.

Although I sometime need some motivation.

There was a promise of snowcones at the end of this park day experience.

So I thought I would play along.


There were monkey bars and swings and climbing bars and a fantastic view of downtown.


There were some impromptu photo shoots.


And there was some hangin' around...


...and some serious cuteness...



And then there was this discover...as it turns out, the snowcone trailers in our fair city apparently do not open for business until twelve noon. Noon. Even though we were hot and dehydrated and had trafficked in the promise of snowcone relief, there was none to be had unless we wanted to wait around until straight up noon.


So we opted for coffee instead.

It seemed logical at the time...

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