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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Where I Done Been....


So imagine that you have some friends that you love to hang out with. And imagine that those friends have some kids that your kids love. And imagine that every time your crew and their crew get together, there is all kinds of laughter and chaos and fun.

And then imagine that those friends have a beautiful cabin in the mountains.

And they invite you to come spend a week with them there.

With as many of your kids as can come.

Which, in our case, meant that we were able to load up six of the eight kids. And Mike and I.

And we invaded these kind, generous people. For over a week.


It really happened. We actually have friends who are that generous. And crazy.

At least, last I checked we were friends....

Dre? Hey, Dre? Call me, okay? Friends?


We've just arrived back from a trip to Telluride, Colorado. It was all kinds of magic. And hiking. And waterfalls. And amazing restaurants. And shopping.


We drove overnight to the western side of the Rockies, pounding caffeine, hunting for gas stations and potties. We arrived a couple of hours after lunch, slightly punchy and extremely excited to be reunited with our friends and to take in their little piece of paradise.

We were not disappointed.


Our first hiking excursion was to Bear Creek, the trail head appearing just at the end of a street near one end of town. We began making our way up the path and within moments were engulfed in towering aspen trees and stunning views of the peaks.


The kids took to the 10,000 feet above sea level air with ease. They laughed, trotted, skipped and charged up the slopes, anxious to see around every curve.

I didn't know how 7 of 8 would do. Her gait, her left foot and leg turning inward in response to her stroke, make for some slow going at times. She tires easily. And above all that, she is a princess. As in, a 'Princess and the Pea' type.

She doesn't believe in sweaty. At all.


That first day of hiking was a little tough on her. The total mileage of the hike was about 5 miles, and she's never come close to walking that far all at once. And as she would tire and wear down a bit, she would let us know. Persistently. With a side of whining.

I carried her part of the way. Mike carried her part of the way. Our friend carried her part of the way.


And she hiked a lot of it. A lot.


Acclimating to the change in elevation was better than we had hoped. Our friends had told us to start drinking water, lots of water, tons of water, once we passed Albuquerque.

We obeyed.

And drank.

And drank.

And stopped at every available restroom. Which made those last several hundred miles all the longer.

But that next day, as we climbed and hiked and huffed and puffed, we were very grateful for the advice.

Particularly when we got to see things like this:


...and this...


...and most importantly, this...


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