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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Just a Little Hacked

Our regularly scheduled JPEG of the week entry has been postponed today for this special blog announcement...

In the middle of a busy Saturday, I had a phone message from my most dedicated blog reader...

My mom.

She told me that she was trying to get on the site and was getting a message that said there was malware associated with the blog. I quickly pulled up my site on my phone and toggled between the mobile version and the web version. I didn't see a problem and made a mental note to check it when I got back to my computer.

After making many more kid stops in an action packed afternoon, I finally got back to my office and pulled up Chrome as my browser. I entered my blog address...

And lo and behold...

I got the same glaring warning.


A few hours and lots of frustration later, I discovered that my site only showed the malware warning on Chrome. The malware warning also popped up when I tried to get to my Blogger Dashboard on Chrome. Thankfully, Internet Explorer opened up my site just fine. I ran diagnostics on my HTML (read here, I stared and stared and stared at code, trying to figure out where the heck things were going wrong). I knew from my reading that it probably was a nasty link embedded in one of my gadgets, but that thing was well, well hidden.

Get ready for a shout-out.

'Cuz this is the tool that saved me.

There is a site called Redleg (click here) and on that site, the genius who runs is has developed a tool that can spot where your problem might be. I put the domain name of my blogger blog into the search field and within just a few seconds, Redleg's program found that some code in my Instagram sidebar gadget had gone sour. I removed the Instagram gadget and TA-DA! No more malware warnings on my blog on Chrome! Hurray!

Redleg's tool is free to use and has saved my eyesight and time. And patience. I'm not receiving any compensation for calling out this great little tool...just wanting to spread the love and save you some time should you have a similar issue with a widget or gadget. Thanks Redleg! Big cyber kisses from this thankful blogger!

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