Julie Lyles Carr: An Alarming Problem

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

An Alarming Problem

3 of 8 b and w

That guy up there? My 3 of 8?

He's pretty awesome.

Very awesome.

He's the big brother in the OctaSet, the guy who mows the lawn and wrestles the little kids. He can make a fantastic pot of coffee.

And he sometimes runs with me.


I like him.

But he has an alarming problem. Literally. And I want your input.

3 of 8 heads to bed at a reasonable time. He pulls the black-out shades, folds his lanky frame into the bottom bunk, settles in for the night.

And he sets his alarm. And he sets another alarm on his phone.

And he heads to sleep.

Fast forward nine hours.

The cacophony emanating from his bedroom sounds like the command center of some super secret protection agency that has just discovered there are nuclear subs three miles off the eastern seaboard. Alarms are sounding everywhere, clanging, wailing, sounding over and over and over again, a siren scream against the ear drums of anyone in a four block radius.


And yet...

Sleeping 3 of 8 sleeps on.

Even with a series of alarm clocks going off at Defcon 5.  Not hitting the snooze or anything.  Just alarms sounding constantly.

Granted, every night when he takes to his bed, he seems to emerge the next day another half inch taller. He's still stretching and growing, taller than me, taller than his daddy. His days are busy.  He has good reason to sleep deeply.

But seriously.

We only have one kid in hearing aids...and it ain't him.

So how can he not hear those alarms? And when we run a little experiment, letting those alarms sound and sound and sound, thinking that surely he will eventually hear them and awaken, he, uh, doesn't. We've even let the experiment run for over an hour.  No response from Sleeping Beauty.  Crazy.

So sound off. Are you a ridiculously deep sleeper who can block out some of the most annoying sounds on earth, the personal clock radio alarm? Or have you experienced life with one of these nocturnal non-hearers? What did you do about it? How did you unclog the sleeping ears?

'Cuz as much as we like that 3 of 8 guy, his morning non-routine is getting a little noisy....

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