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Monday, October 8, 2012

It's the Little Things

One of my kiddos has a really tender heart.

Well, I mean, they all do.

But one of them came to me last week. It wasn't in a spirit of shame or condemnation. She just mentioned that she was going to take a breather from being on Facebook and Instagram so much. She said that she was finding that her priority was to be combing through those threads of social media when she could be outside or reading a book or interacting with her siblings or writing music.

She said that she didn't like being 'a little addicted' to her Facebook and Instagram account.

So she's just taking a break.

I hope to have a thimbleful of her wisdom some day.

We, you, me, we usually tend to wait until something has a massive hold over us before we recognize it to be a problem. The media addiction, the spending, the anger issues, the texting, the chasing after the wind. Duties are left undone, relationships damaged, health injured, finances in disarray.

And then we have our 'Aha' moment.

But what if we exercised the discipline to make a self-inventory?





What if we evaluated, say, once a quarter, and thought through and looked through and sifted what was adding value to our lives?

And what wasn't.

I'm gearing up to teach a new Bible series. And I'm taking that opportunity to do some head house cleaning. Some evaluation. Checking for little foxes that can come in to spoil the vine. Just looking for for the little spots, the stuff that wouldn't appear to be all that odious to anyone else.

But little places that I can see weakness. Little places that may just have the faintest flicker of an ember.

That need to be doused in a wash of actualization.

To avoid a full-out forest fire.

A thimbleful of water and wisdom can prevent a lot of destruction.

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