Julie Lyles Carr: Rise School of Austin

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Rise School of Austin

rise school

Last week, I had the dear privilege of speaking at The Rise School of Austin, a phenomenal preschool that is based on a beautiful model. That model is that children of all abilities, those with special needs and those considered typical, are in preschool class together, learning, exploring and having fun.

It's an amazing school, with dedicated teachers and staff who have created the most beautiful learning environment.

And it's such a beautiful thing to see the kids all interacting, to see classrooms with kids of all abilities. The Rise School is a leader in early education models that bring together children, to learn from one another, to learn compassion, to learn that, while we do have differences, we all laugh, we all learn, we all can have friendship and heart.

It's just so powerful.

So a big thank you to The Rise School for having me last week, for letting me talk about the programs with Legacy of Hope Austin. We can't wait to have your students join us for dance, for date nights, for specialized tutoring.

And if you are looking for a fantastic preschool model for your children, whether they have special needs or are considered neuro-typical, please consider taking a look at The Rise School of Austin.

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