Julie Lyles Carr: Guy Time

Friday, March 8, 2013

Guy Time


I'm very thankful that my kids have a great daddy, a father who is committed to spending time with them, committed to teaching them, committed to being the main man in their lives.

And I have a lot of mama friends who are not in that situation. They have kids who don't have a dad that is involved.

But in both cases, both in families with dads who are in and dads who are out, there is such a powerful opportunity for godly men to speak into the lives of kids, beyond the role of dad.


My brothers, brother-in-law, dad and father-in-law are amazing mentors for my kids. They love them, speak wisdom into their lives, laugh and have fun. But our extended family is not local for us. We treasure and adore every visit and I think we do a good job being in consistent touch.

But just as my kids benefit from having my girlfriends speak into their lives, so to do they benefit by the incredible men we count as friends and mentors.


Mike's incredible friend and business partner, AT, is such powerful influence in our kids' lives. Our youth pastors. The men I work with. Our senior pastor. Our friends.

I hadn't really thought of it much in our early lives, but I see now the critical role that my and Mike's friends play in our children's lives. They aren't just our companions, our confidants, our peers. They are the measure by which our children develop their own friendships and peer groups. They are the measure by which our children evaluate what support groups and fellowship are supposed to look like. And our friends are the people that show my children what healthy and functional adulthood is supposed to look like...or not.

Guy time.

So thankful for the amazing guys who sow into the lives of my guys, extended family, friends, through their friendships with Mike and through the way they show my sons what men are supposed to be.

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