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Saturday, July 6, 2013

It's Grand...

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We're fresh back from some Okie time.

And it was Grand.

As in Grand Lake.

Mike's grandparents purchased property here 50 years ago.

And whaddya know? We went to Grand Lake to celebrate Mike's parents' 50th anniversary. Yep. Just like that. All tied up with a bow.

DSC_0033 4

So to celebrate, we drug them all over the lake in a water toy.

Nothing says 'Congratulations on your half-century of commitment and love and heart' like being pummeled on lake waves whilst riding on an inflatable craft...

DSC_0090 2

DSC_0024 3

My parents were married in late 1962 and Mike's were married in May 1963, just a few months apart. That means that between the two couples, they have extended to us a full century of marriage, with its joys and challenges, commitment and heart. Collectively, they offer us 100 years of wisdom.

It is a unique and treasured legacy.

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Here's to many more, Mimi and Papa and Big Bobby and GranJane. Thank you for such an incredible heritage you have brought to me and mine.

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