Julie Lyles Carr: Big 12

Monday, August 12, 2013

Big 12

DSC_0032 1

This guy.

He went and turned twelve. Just like that. Didn't ask my permission. Didn't give me a warning.

Somehow went from two years old to twelve while I went to warm up my coffee.

DSC_0023 1

Just had to throw in that above pic. He's just so photogenic. Except up there.

DSC_0037 1

When they were toddlers, everyone thought 5 of 8 and 6 of 8 were twins.

DSC_0035 1

They actually do look more twin-like than my actual twins. Who do not look twin-like at all.

DSC_0020 1

A-hem.  More photogenic, perfectly posed children....

5 of 8 wanted his mama's fried chicken for dinner, so I obliged.  Several chickens were harmed in the making of the birthday dinner.  I just want to be honest about that...

DSC_0018 1

As I've written before about big family birthday parties, we do tend to keep things pretty simple. A big meal, some cake and ice cream overindulgence, a couple of presents...

DSC_0012 1

And a lot of love.

Happy birthday 5 of 8.

DSC_0031 1

DSC_0046 1

DSC_0027 2

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