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Monday, August 26, 2013

HDR in Cincinnati....

Cincy skyline HDR

Gorgeous weather, Mike being voted one of the top speakers in the world, a visit with my brother and his family, great food, nice people, beautiful sites.


It was a good weekend.

The above pic of downtown Cincinnati from the John A. Roebling Bridge. I had a little fun in post-edit taking the photo to an HDR finish. All those bright colors and geometrics make for some visual happy.

Then I decided to play around a bit with a shot I got of the train yard at Union Terminal from Tower A.

Cincinnati Rail Yard

And not to be outdone, the downtown vista shot from the steps of Union Terminal/Cincinnati Museum Center demanded some HDR time as well...

Cincinnati Skyline from Union Station

HDR stands for High Dynamic Range Imaging. I could give you a bunch of technical mumbo-jumbo, but in essence, it helps make the contrasts of light and dark and color more vibrant. Depending on the way you use HDR post-editing, you can make a photograph seem more true to what you felt like you were seeing through your lens. Or you can punch it up like I did on the above photos to exaggerate colors and depth. Used to be that HDR editing was only available on higher end photo editing suites, but now you can find great HDR options on free online editing sites like iPiccy.

While I do love the pop of a strong HDR edit, a lighter hand with this tool can also render some gorgeous results. Take a peek at the John A. Roebling Bridge that I captured Saturday afternoon and then juiced up just a drop with a HDR edit:


I'm still working my way through a bunch of photos and edits. It's my favorite way to collect souvenirs.

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