Julie Lyles Carr: Braver Than You Think

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Braver Than You Think

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Something magical happens to this boy when he dons his Captain America suit.
He is transformed.

He is protective. Fast. Strong.
It's metamorphic. To him, at least.

What is it about us?
We want to be known and be seen and be treasured for exactly who we are. And yet we are so influenced when we don the guises of our various roles. Business wear and we are savvy and organized. Running gear and we hit the road. Pajamas and we are ready to tuck in.

Captain America and we are brave.

Are we hiding behind the garb? Or does it give us vision?
Perhaps that's one of the lingering effects of the Garden. There was a time we didn't need robes to define our roles. But Eve ate and so too did Adam and we've covered and created and costumed ever since.


We hide.
And we have vision.

Of ourselves, we are scared, naked, ashamed, vulnerable.
We can put on truth. Righteousness. Salvation. Faith.
We can clothe ourselves with heroic character.
And become a heroic character.

We can be braver than we think.
And worn often enough, we can become the role we dress for.
Still prone to worry. To vulnerability. To fear.
But braver.
Braver than before.

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