Julie Lyles Carr: Percussive Pals

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Percussive Pals


He's the little brother who is now the much taller brother.

3 of 8.

When he and 1 of 8 were younger, they battled. Often.


Their big personalities were opposing cymbals, ready to clash and crash.


But here is the secret I always hung onto as they would battle and squabble....

They were both cymbals. And cymbals need each other to create dramatic musicality.

And they've found their music.



They discovered they could make each other laugh. Hard.


One cymbal hitting the other's funny bone. A comic collision.



It's a competitive comedy, but one that makes each of them sharpen their wit and hone their timing. They make each other better.


And what do you know? It's made them friends.

american gothic 1

American Gothic 2

American Gothic 3

American Gothic 4

American Gothic 5

American Gothic 6

American Gothic 7

Do you have pugilistic personalities in the percussion section of your family? They can be pals. They can. They just need to find their common note....

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