Julie Lyles Carr: #ReWriteConf Retrospective

Monday, October 21, 2013

#ReWriteConf Retrospective


It was a whirlwind. An absolute breathtaking, inspiring whirlwind.

I'm so proud of my friends who were in attendance who are established, well-known authors.

I'm so proud of my friends who were in attendance who are exploring the world of writing, honing their skills, dreaming, planning, learning.

Writers, one and all.

I remember my first experience of crafting with words. In a little composition book. Rounded letters, strung together, consonant flowing to vowel flowing to consonant. I strung two of my spelling words together to create a phrase and I fluffed it out with a couple of other words I could spell.

It was the wrong way to render the spelling list.

It was the right way to build an idea.

I was five.

It's never stopped for me, this fascination with drawing lines, the sticks and curves rendered to represent sound, that take invisible thoughts and give them tattoo on paper. The tangible visual of a heart's breath. Miraculous.

The re:write conference had it all~~practical information, inspiring experiences, palpable points, current trends, lyrical hope. And through it all was the steady thrum of synchronized souls who long to craft language so that it will speak. And sing.

And find its way to the printed page so that it will live beyond.

Blessings, fellow word warriors.  Blessings.

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