Julie Lyles Carr: That One Week I Am Ahead of the Game

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

That One Week I Am Ahead of the Game


There are many, many things I don't get accomplished.


Case in point...my parents' 51st anniversary was yesterday. You should see the card I didn't send them.

Second case in point...my father-in-law's birthday was a couple of weeks ago. You should see the card I didn't send him.

The house is generally a mess, the interior of my van is a biohazard and our garage looks like is was sacked in some medieval overthrow. And we laugh a lot. And I love my work. And we just don't sweat the small stuff.

And some of the big stuff.
(See 'case in point' #1 and #2 above...)

(Twins. So they have their eyes closed at the same time in so many shots...)


There is one thing that I do try to overachieve on.
And that's our Christmas card every year.

I like to get them out the week of Thanksgiving. It's become something of a yearly goal, in a life where I always seem to be chasing deadlines and pulling all-nighters to finish projects.
This is the one thing I get done way ahead of time. Generally.

I try to get our family picture done in October and it's usually a DIY project. My amazing friend Shannon Lafayette is an incredible photographer and I really aspire to have her do our family portrait. But as much ahead as I try to get the Christmas cards done, I didn't manage to get on Shannon's calendar for the family photo.

Hence yet another DIY project, which involves me running back and forth between the camera and the family, self-timer engaged.

(Why did this seem like a good idea?)

Once I get a couple of pictures of most of us looking the same direction, I edit in PicMonkey, a great online photo editing site. And for the past several years, I've had the cards printed at PSPrint, for whom I am not a paid a spokesperson. PSPrint is currently running 60% on their postcards, the product I use for our Christmas cards.

So why have I placed the yearly Christmas card production and mailing process as the apex of my limping ability to stay on top of things? No idea. I'll still be frantically trying to finish up Christmas prep on other items right as Santa is landing on my roof. My laundry will still be behind and I'll be scrambling to make sure I've got gift cards for all the coaches and dance teachers in our world.


For one shining moment in mid-November, I am ahead of the game.
But still.
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