Julie Lyles Carr: 52 Years Ago Today...

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

52 Years Ago Today...

**Note: Today marks the 52nd anniversary of my parents' wedding. As many of you know, my dad passed away last December. Sure would appreciate your thoughts and love for my mom this year. This following is a repost from a few years ago...**

48 years. Today.


Those gorgeous people up there are my parents and today marks the forty-eighth spin of the calendar since they spoke their marital vows.

I'm thankful for a legacy of commitment and covenant.

From their first blind date back at Mississippi State to living on both sides of the continent and several points in between, they have traversed terrain of three kids, multiple moves, health issues, crazy Christmases, business challenges and achievements, dogs, cats and even the occasional hamster.

Mom and Daddy, I salute.

And thank you.

I love you.

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