Julie Lyles Carr: Tax Day Baby

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Tax Day Baby


This one turns 21.

Our McKenna-Jane.
Mickie-Jane when she was little.
MamaChenna to her siblings and friends, for whom she is the nurturer and listener.

Mick, your grandmother gave me specific instructions that you were not to be born on Tax Day. She was working for a tax prep firm and it was the weekend of your Uncle Dave's big formal. But in your quiet, unassuming way, you decided to show up anyway. Your big sister watched the whole thing and giggled with the most pure joy. Your daddy marveled at your dark hair and your crazy, unbelievable blue eyes. We went from a family of three to a family of four, a transition that somehow made the whole family thing seem even more real, more sweet.

In that quiet, unassuming way, you've continued to make your way, embracing and changing the dance world, leading through calmness, steady and kind. You are the best audience for your siblings' comedy routines, the kindest listener to your friends, the joyous daughter of the God you serve.

You've been one of the most mature people I've ever known for a long time, and now, your two decades plus a year have finally caught up. We love you, Mickie-Jane. Happy birthday!

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