Julie Lyles Carr: Pick the Pic: #amwriting

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Pick the Pic: #amwriting

All right, team, needing some help here. One of the interesting aspects of writing are all the components along the way that aren't writing. The contracts and marketing decisions and social media planning and on and on. It's fascinating, it's sort of like extended homework, and there are lots of decisions and calls to make right now for a book that won't be on the shelves for another year or so.

Like this decision.

Which pic to pick to put on the cover.

The amazing Shannon Lafayette lent her photography skills to the first part of this equation, but now I could use your help. Which picture should make the cover? We're a house divided over here, so I'd love to hear your input. Just vote in the poll below and let me know! Is it option #1...

Julie Headshot option 1 banner.jpg

...or is it option #2?

Julie headshot option 2 banner

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