Julie Lyles Carr: Decked Halls

Monday, December 28, 2015

Decked Halls

house decor 2

It's always been my favorite time of the year. And I've always loved decking out the house in all manner of Christmas decor. Over the years, I've scaled down the level of decorating delirium I've put myself through in the past; it seems like the more people we added to the family tribe, the less room there was to slosh Yuletide all over the place.

But still.

That's our 12 foot tree up there. She's a beaut. (Ignore the pile of laundry on the stairs needing to be carried up. Pretend it's on purpose. Pretend that's where you're supposed to keep laundry...)

house decor 3

For several years, in one of our homes, I had a formal living room that we called The Pretty Room. It was done in creams and whites and I put up a tree in there every year that boasted magnolias and pearls and angels and birds.

And then more people happened. And we moved into new homes with no formal Pretty Rooms. And all my decor tended more and more to anything the color of dirt and spaghetti sauce, since those were stain themes already in use around all the house. And so went the trend of all the Christmas decor as well.

house decor 1

Our old brown sectional is truly on its last legs. It's amazing what the body weight of ten people and the wrestling mania occurrences of a house with teenage boys can do to the structural integrity of a piece of furniture. But we're squeezing all the use out of this fatigued foam that we can and I try to cozy it up during the holidays with Grinch Green throws and pillows and red accents.

house decor 5

Love these stockings. Love 'em. Red for the girls, green for the boys, cream for Michael and I.

house decor 8

I also have several pictures and Christmas-themed frames that I only pull out this time of year. Those two cuties on Santa's lap? That's Justus and Maesyn, now age 19 and 17. Sheesh. Give me a moment...

house decor 9

I'm the first to admit...I have a candle problem.

house decor 12

And a gift wrap issue.

house decor 10

Okay, maybe something a bit bigger than an 'issue'.

house decor 7

I purchase ornaments each year for each of us that have meaning about the year's events. It's sort of a 'journaling by ornament' kind of a thing.

house decor 11

house decor 15

I found that big ol' red star for the top of the tree at my favorite boutique...Target. Love that place.

house decor 13

You'll notice I didn't post any pictures of the dining room. Or kitchen. Or foyer. Or front porch. It's not that those areas aren't decorated. They are. But they're a hot mess. And I just didn't have the gumption to straighten up for company. Blog company, that is.

And I know you'll understand. Just roll over the image below. And I know you'll understand.

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