Julie Lyles Carr: Join the #RaisinganOriginal Launch Team!

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Join the #RaisinganOriginal Launch Team!


We've built quite a community here on the blogsphere, haven't we? As I look back over my blog list, those friends far and near that I check in with, as I read your posts, watch your kids grow, celebrate your new journeys...it's an amazing thing, this digital pen pal neighborhood.

Those of us who love blogging, whether we started into it early on or have recently jumped in, we get to take a peek into each other's lives, and gather fantastic ideas for home, work, fitness, cooking, decorating, organizing, and faith.

And we also have opportunities to get the word out about things that make our lives better, ideas that we are passionate about, a soap box, a platform, a microphone that gives us a voice, regardless of our season. Our digital lives have become an exceptional democratizer, an ability to have a voice in the conversation that comprises our culture.

I come to you now, my fellow blog writers and readers, asking you to consider using that voice to get the message out about my new book, Raising an Original, which is being released September 13, 2016 by Harper Collins/ Zondervan. I'd love for you to consider being part of the Launch Team, which will be selected by a drawing from applicants at the end of the week. Launch Team members will receive a free review copy of Raising an Original and we'll have some fun Facebook events, some goodies for Team members, and more! There are a limited number of slots, so please register today.

It would be an honor to have your voice involved in the launch of this book, this project that found its early steps here within this amazing blog community. Appreciate you all so much and hope you'll join me in this thing known as a book launch!

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