Julie Lyles Carr: Special Needs

Special Needs

Two of Michael and Julie's eight children are identified with special needs~~Maesy is hard of hearing and Merci experienced a stroke at birth and has left side hemiplegia/cerebral palsy. You can find resources and blog post links specific to these issues on this page. Also visit www.legacyofhopeaustin.org for information on the non-profit organization Julie founded for families with children with special needs.

 Hearing With the Heart  dedicated web page about Maesy, Mike and Julie's fourth child, with several resources for children with hearing loss

A Few Good Resources  blog post with language resources, games, academic products

Is a Stroke Forever?  blog post about Merci's questions and realization about her stroke

2dance2dream Update  information and video about the 2dance2dream program, a dance performance and education experience for individuals with special needs

The Why Moment

And Again blog post exploring what it was like for Mike and Julie to discover that Merci had experienced a stroke

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